Kyla -
Technology Made

Kyla breathes simplicity into technology through its range of Smart Home Devices, home and kitchen appliances, data communications solutions and lighting solutions.

Designed with you in mind, Kyla's smart home solutions enhance convenience and connectivity in daily lives.

Smart Home, Smart Life

Smart home devices - intelligence one touch away

Use Kyla’s intelligence to create a restful Smart residence. You can sit back and activate wireless smart home devices with one touch or a voice command. Easily connect all of Kyla Smart Home devices with one app.

Home & kitchen appliances – ideal living at your fingertips

Save time for things that matter with Kyla smart solutions for the home and kitchen. Prepare meals, cook and clean with ease using Kyla’s complete range of home appliances. You can be fully assured that Kyla’s constant innovation and adoption of cutting-edge technology mean carefully built solutions with safety features for your Home.

Data communications solutions - connectivity with ease

Get more with less with a simple and accessible user experience with Kyla. Setup is quick and easy for instant interconnectivity. As leaders in the field of network and security, Kyla smart solutions boost accessibility and greater connectedness with ease.

Lighting solutions – green living illumined

Illumine your Smart and green homes with Kyla's time-saving solutions. Be it warm or cool – Kyla's stylish LED luminaires are energy-saving, affordable and easy to install. A trusted specialist in LED lighting for both commercial and residential use, Kyla lighting solutions require minimal maintenance while yielding huge energy savings.